Following a positive decision by the Foundation's committee regarding the awarding of a grant, the grant applicant will be subject to twice-yearly assessment. Allocation of the grant will be revised annually depending on the commitment and the motivation of the person concerned.

The Foundation's committee wishes to give a chance to the most motivated students and to do so requires a certain level of performance on the students' part. The grant is prolonged by an additional year if an annual average of 4.5 is achieved, as long as no inadequate marks are obtained.

If the grant holder does not meet these conditions, he must duly explain the reasons for his failure, as well as the corrective measures that he will take in order to mitigate the situation. The Foundation's committee reserves the right to withdraw its grant from the grant holder if it does not feel convinced of his motivation.

So as to better monitor the grant holder's progress, at the end of each half-year the Foundation committee requires the following documents:

  • The student's marks, submitted by the grant holder himself, one month; at the latest; after they are received,
  • If module is failed, a letter of explanation, also stating remedial actions undertaken by the grant holder.

These documents must be sent; at the latest; one month after the end of the college half-year (or once the marks are received).